Find CDL physicals in Topeka.

If you drive commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) for a living, it is likely that you must take a CDL physical or may need to renew your current certification. While this is a routine practice, it never hurts to know testing specifics before your physical exam. What are CDL physicals, what are the requirements for certification, and where can you get one in Topeka? The University of Kansas Health System St. Francis Campus Urgent Care can help you better understand CDL physicals and help you schedule your exam.

Why Do You Need a CDL Physical?

Driving jobs often require Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) medical certifications. These are obtained through CDL physicals, or Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals. As a driver, you must sit for long periods and operate heavyweight vehicles. You may be carrying a dozen or more passengers, or you may be transporting hazardous waste or flammable materials. The purpose of a DOT physical is to make sure that you are physically capable of operating your large-scale CMV. This is necessary both for your safety and also for the general public.

What Does the Physical Look For?

Certified medical examiners (CMEs) perform all CDL physicals. In a DOT physical, your examiner will check various health factors to deem you safe to drive. Conflicting medical conditions or substance abuse issues may disqualify you from receiving your certification, for example. Before your CDL physical, your CME goes over your medical history and notes any medication you are taking. They will then provide a physical examination. This includes testing:

  • Lung function.
  • Vision and hearing.
  • Mental health.
  • And blood pressure.

Your exam will also include a drug and alcohol screening, a urinalysis test for diabetes, and any other necessary blood work. Drink plenty of water before your exam to be able to provide a urine sample. Also, make sure to bring any necessary items to your physical:

  • A list of any medications and dosages you are currently taking.
  • Your current CDL medical certification, if you have one.
  • Your glasses or contacts to aid in the vision test.
  • Any medical documents regarding health conditions or surgeries.

Following your exam, your examiner will present you with your Medical Examiner’s Certificate. Your medical report and CDL physical forms will also be sent to you electronically. If you fail your physical, you can seek a second opinion and retest for your certification. You must renew this certification every two years. If your examiner notes any medical exemptions, yearly retests may be necessary.

Looking for CDL Physicals in Topeka? We Can Help

Need to renew your CDL medical certification? Looking to get your first DOT physical exam? We can help with both at St. Francis Campus Urgent Care! Get your CDL physical with one of our licensed providers in Topeka. We have two locations for your convenience. Visit us at our Southwest Gage branch or our Brewster clinic. No appointments are necessary. Simply walk in or check in online to claim your place in line. We look forward to helping you attain your certification!