A woman blowing her nose.

Many people make goals at New Years, and a lot of them involve being healthier. People vow to lose 10 pounds, or work out three times a week, or even just eat healthier. But there’s one very important part of health that you can also strengthen- your immune system.

When it comes to staying healthy, a strong immune system is just as important as having a good diet and workout routine. Your immune system keeps you from getting infected by viruses and germs you encounter daily, and although the holiday season is behind us, there are still plenty of lingering illnesses floating around. Fortunately, there are some good and simple ways to keep your immune system strong.

Prioritize Sleep

One of the very best ways is to make sure you get enough sleep at night. Prioritizing good, deep rest is an absolute must if you want to get sick less. By giving your body that downtime, your immune system can get stronger, and help your body recover from any strain it may have been under that day. Being well rested helps your entire body function better as a whole.

Sit Back and Relax

Another great way is to just sit back and relax. We know it can be difficult when you’ve got a long to-do list but trust us- giving yourself time to do something you enjoy and find relaxing will really help. When your body is under too much stress and strain it puts an enormous toll on you, and causes your immune system to suffer as well. You’re susceptible to catching colds, coughs, and more when this happens. So, taking some time for yourself is really important.

Don’t Be Too Dependent on Antibiotics

Finally, don’t be too dependent on antibiotics. Antibiotics are a great tool, but over-reliance on them can weaken your immune system, making it easier for viruses and bacteria to get to you. That’s why St. Francis Campus Urgent Care has very strict antibiotic practices to ensure that we only use them when necessary. We were one of the first urgent care systems in the nation to receive the Urgent Care Association Antibiotic Stewardship award, and we make sure that we uphold their high standards in each and every one of our clinics.

Quality Care, Close to Home

St. Francis Campus Urgent Care prides itself on offering our patients the highest possible levels of quality service, and can treat patients three months of age and older. You can walk in at any time, or easily check-in online.