A family eating watermelon outside.

Summer vacation is in full swing, and people are out there swimming, running, climbing, and having a great time. Kids and adults alike are jumping into summer sports with gusto. But with all this excitement, people might not take the precautions they need to stay safe, which can lead to some trips to the local urgent care clinic. Thankfully, with some common precautions, your trips to St. Francis Campus Urgent Care can be kept at a minimum so you have as much uninterrupted fun as possible.

Stay Hydrated

One thing that we see at St. Francis Campus Urgent Care in the summer is dehydration. When you’re in the middle of playing sports or even doing something like gardening outside, it’s easy to forget to take a break to drink some water. This is extremely important however, as when your body becomes dehydrated, it can have severe negative impacts on you. This includes dizziness, fatigue, confusion, and if left untreated can even lead to heat stroke. So be sure to drink plenty of fluids while you’re out there having fun.

Take Proper Sun Precautions

And even if you drink plenty of fluids, you could still get sunburn if you don’t wear proper sun protection. Although many complain of getting sunburned while at the beach, long exposure to sunlight can cause sunburn no matter where you are, especially if you forget to reapply sunscreen after a certain amount of time. Sunburns can range from being uncomfortable to painful and can even become infected if you scratch at them. Wearing wide-brimmed hats, properly applying sunscreen, and staying in the shade can help avoid all of this.

Don’t Get to Buzzzzy to Spray!

Another injury at St. Francis Campus Urgent Care is various bug stings, such as bees, hornets, and wasps. When you’re outdoors a lot, as you usually are in the summer, the chances of running into a stinging insect is high. And if you don’t pay attention to your surroundings, you could find yourself in close contact with one of these insects- or even worse, discover you’re not too far from a hive. Wearing insect repellent designed to keep stinging insects away will help a lot, as well as moving away from areas that seem to have lots of bugs flying around.

We’re Open 7 Days A Week

The good news is that if you do encounter any of these things, St. Francis Campus Urgent Care is here to help. Our experienced team members will be happy to help you with your sunburns and stings and will cool you down if you’re dehydrated. We can also help you with sprains, strains, bruises, and any other minor injuries you may get. We also treat minor illnesses and can see patients three months old and up. St. Francis Campus Urgent Care strives to make sure that our patients receive the highest quality of care with the highest level of service. To learn more about us, explore our website.