Do you need an urgent care or an emergency room for your needs? Find out with us.

Accidents can happen at any time. Whether we’re talking about babies, kids, teens, or adults—no one is immune to injuries and illnesses. But, when something happens, how do you know if you need urgent care or an emergency room? Did you find this page because you’re currently in need of medical attention? Reference the below lists to help you decide what’s best for you. You should also be prepared and know where to go when you need medical care—BEFORE something happens. Bookmark this page to easily—and quickly—reference during future emergencies.

When To Go To The Emergency Room

If you’re experiencing any of the below symptoms, head straight to the ER. It’s your best bet to get the specific medical attention you need.

  • Chest Pain Or Squeezing Sensation In The Chest
  • Seizure Or Loss Of Consciousness
  • Severe Abdominal Pain
  • Sudden Paralysis Or Slurred Speech
  • Uncontrolled Bleeding
  • Difficulty Breathing
  • Loss Of Vision

What Urgent Care Can Do For You

However, there are many situations in which an urgent care facility is best. They are often the easiest, quickest, and friendliest choice for your family. If you’re a parent, you know that getting hurt is just a part of growing up. The University of Kansas Health System St. Francis Campus Urgent Care is here to help the whole family feel better, faster. Check out the below list for some of the most common ailments and incidents.

  • Ear Or Eye Infection. Unfortunately, these are all too common in growing kids. Thankfully, your urgent care clinic can quickly diagnose and treat them.
  • Fever. Fevers, especially in kids, can be scary if you don’t know what’s causing them. Popping into an urgent care clinic can give you some peace of mind.
  • Cuts That May Need Stitches. No need to spend all night at the ER to get some stitches. An urgent care clinic near you can stop the bleeding so you can start healing.
  • Possible Broken Bones Or Simple Fractures. YES! Urgent care clinics can take X- rays. Avoid the hassle of an ER by going to an urgent care clinic first.
  • Sprains And Strains. Did somebody twist their ankle running? Or even maybe sprain their wrist trying to open the peanut butter? Come to us first.
  • Vomiting And Diarrhea. These can put people at risk for dehydration especially little ones. An urgent care clinic is the perfect choice to solve the issue and take care of your body.